Qualities of a Candidate

Signs of a calling to the priesthood

Most men called to the priesthood have experienced several (but not all) of the following.

  • Uncommon Passion for the Faith – Men who enter the seminary know they are different than their friends….faith means more to them than their friends.
  • Sense of Responsibility – God does not call many men to the priesthood. If those who are called don’t respond, how will our faithful people receive the Eucharist in the future? Men who respond to the call of priesthood do so partially because of a sense of responsibility to their Catholic brothers and sisters.
  • Can’t Shake the Possibility of Priesthood – No matter who they are dating, the job they have, the car they are driving or the house they own, the idea of priesthood keeps popping up in the minds of those called to priesthood.
  • Attracted to Serving God and Others – At their deepest level, men who enter the seminary will often say that serving God and his people are the things that bring them a deep sense of joy.
  • Scary but Thrilling at the Same Time – Fear often accompanies a calling to priesthood….initially, a man begins to think of all the reasons he could never become a priest. But there’s also a thrill at the same time…the thrill that comes when we think, “Maybe I could be good at that” or “Maybe I could do something remarkable with my life.”
  • Envisioning Oneself Taking on Some Role of the Priesthood – Many of those who enter the seminary will speak about having envisioned themselves as being effective at some aspect of priesthood: preaching, visiting the sick, celebrating the Eucharist, working with youth, evangelizing, working with the poor etc.
  • Others Have Said, “You’d make a Good Priest.” – God often speaks to us through other people. Men who have become seminarians, often have been told by friends, family members, co-workers or fellow parishioners that they have the qualities to make a fine priest.

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