Four DOL Seminarians Installed into Ministry of Lector, October 16, 2018

Lafayette Diocese seminarians, BRENT JOSEPH DIDIER, JOHN KAROL DUGAS, WILLIAM CADE LEBLANC and NICHOLAS BRADFORD WARE were admitted into the Ministry of Lector during a special Mass of Installation, Tuesday, October 16, 2018 in the Chapel at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. The Rite of the Institution of Lectors was presided by Most Reverend J. Mark Spalding, Bishop of the Diocese of Nashville, who conferred this ministry upon these four first-year theologians, all students at NDS.

“The Rite of Institution of Lectors is one of the ministries a seminarian must receive before ordination to the Diaconate and Priesthood. Those given the ministry of Lector are entrusted with reading the Sacred Scriptures during Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. Each seminarian receiving the ministry of Lector were instructed by Bishop Spalding, “Take this book of holy Scripture and be faithful in handing on the word of God, so that it may grow strong in the hearts of his people.” In his homily, Bishop Spalding first reminded those to be instituted of the prayers of the people of God for them in their vocation and reminded the seminarians that they can never give the laity enough sincere thanks for all their efforts and prayers. He then exhorted them to come to know more Jesus Christ more deeply by daily prayer with the Scriptures so that the seminarians can build up the people of God.” (

Brent Didier is the son of Leo and Claire Clayton Didier and is sponsored by St. Leo IV in Roberts Cove.

John Dugas is sponsored by St. Joseph in Loreauville and is the son of Joel and Fran Belair Dugas.

Cade LeBlanc, the son of Danny and Debbie McManus LeBlanc is sponsored by St. Thomas More in Eunice.

Nick Ware, the son of Edward and Janice Gossen Ware, is sponsored by St. Joseph in Rayne.